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Aurelia is a high-quality, adult fantasy 2D pixel art game currently being developed by Mirthal. It follows the protagonist after he moves into a house gifted to him by his late grandfather, located in the land of Aurelia. The art for the game is created by Walnusstinte[1] and AridNight, while the writing is contributed by Flor.


Your grandfather gives you the key to a family cottage located in the small town of Aurelia. After a few days of traveling, you arrive at the cottage late at night, with rain pouring down heavily. Once inside, you notice a strange amulet sitting on the table near the entrance, but touching it sends you in a trance. The next morning you wake up from the trance just to find out that the amulet belongs to a young girl, Ivy, who took refuge in the cottage due to the heavy rain, thinking it was inhabited.


The game is a visual novel with RPG elements, the gameplay features a number of minigames each of which plays differently and contributes different materials and loots to advance the characters' quests. The protagonist can gain XP points by carrying out different activities and playing minigames throughout the day, which cause the protagonist to level up and gain Attribute points, that can then be used to increase Attributes.


Main screen[]

PlayersBedroom Morning

This is your first interactive contact with Aurelia.

The main screen will mostly present the location you are in. You will evolve in fixed 2D settings.

You start in the protagonist's bedroom and will eventually discover the different locations of Aurelia. Some will be unavailable when you start the game; you will have to discover them, by finding an item (e.g., Melkor's Tomb) or during a quest (e.g., Ivy's Bedroom, Dragon Lair).

While on the main screen:

  • click the upper left icon will advance time by one step – there are 4 times in a day: morning, afternoon, evening, and night;
  • click the upper center, compass icon to open Aurelia's map (cf. next paragraph);
  • clicking the upper right, purse icon to open the Main menu (cf. below).


Spoiler-free map of Aurelia, as seen on day 0

Spoiler-free map of Aurelia, as seen on day 0.

The map shows most of the locations you can reach at the moment. It also shows a “Zzz” icon at the bottom center: clicking this icon will put you in the protagonist's room on the next morning (i.e., the protagonist slept there).

Some locations can only be accessed via “main” locations:

Main menu[]

MainMenu Initial

The Main menu as you will first see it.

This screen is accessed by clicking on the upper right, purse icon from the Main screen. It shows the current value of your attributes, the attribute points you have at your disposal to permanently enhance your attributes, and allows you to use those attribute points.

MainMenu AttributesAndBuffs

The Main menu showing available attribute points, currently attributed points (on AGI and END) and a buff on WIS from a potion.

The Main menu gives access to the Inventory, Journal, Achievements, Game tips, Cheats, Save, and Load menus. By clicking on the lower left, bug icon you can submit a bug (and unlock the “Helping the community” achievement), while you get access to the Settings menu by clicking on the lower right, cog icon.

When using attribute points to enhance the protagonist's skills, do not forget to click the blue “Tick” icon when you're done, or the red “Cross” icon if you want to cancel the modifications.


MainMenu Inventory

Inventory menu, in the late game.

You will find there all the items you collect while playing – and that's a lot. For unknown/bug reasons, some items won't show up in your inventory after you grabbed them, but the game will still know you have those. As of update 25.2, the quantity of some items is not updated when you load from a savegame though, e.g., Orson's wine.

Some filters are proposed, those are the buttons at the top of the list:

  • Three horizontal lines: Will display all items (no filter).
  • 5-branch star: “Quest” items (i.e., non-ingredient, non-potion & edible, non-artifact items).
  • Radish: Ingredient items that can be used to craft something with Alchemy.
  • Bracelet: Artifact items.
  • Potion: Potions & edible items.


MainMenu Journal-Initial

The Journal as it will first appear.

This menu allows you to replay scenes you unlocked. More precisely, you will be able to play “loops” derived from scenes you watched during your play. Each loop is close to the original scene, but will show be slight variations, either in the dialogs or taking the form of choices you did not originally have.

MainMenu Journal-Complete

The Journal, complete as of version 25.2.

The screen will present you with the portraits of the seducible characters that you already met during your play. Interrogation marks replace the portrait of the characters you did not already meet. Click a portrait to access the lewd scenes you managed to unlock for that particular character. Note that some scenes involve several characters; in such a case, the scene will usually be found in the Journal of all those characters.

Note that after you complete Erza's “The Hex Containers” quest, you will be able to unlock lewd scenes with foes encountered in Melkor's Realm, using a specific spell Those scenes are visible in the “Melkor's Realm” section of the Journal.

There are some “extra” scenes – i.e., scenes that were added to the game after the questline for a given character was complete (and so were the scenes involved in that questline). While the game is being developed, those scenes are only accessible to patrons, though they will eventually become accessible to everyone with the final version of the game. Please refer to this paragraph for a few additional details. As of version 25.2, such extra scenes are found under the 15th, “heart” character.


MainMenu Achievements-Initial

Initial view of the Achievements screen/menu. Not much to see, indeed.

MainMenu Achievements-Complete

All achievements and mini-scenes unlocked.

This is a screen rather than a menu: it will show you the achievements you unlocked. It will also present you with 8 mini-scenes, unlocked one after the other, each mini-scene needing a certain quantity of unlocked achievements to become available to you.

Please refer to the dedicated page if you want to know more about the achievements and mini-scenes.

Game tips[]

This section will present you the tips you already unlocked. The first few tips are “Exploring Aurelia” and “Leveling Up”. Soon enough you will enable others by accessing the relevant sections of the game, e.g., “Overworld Map”, “Orson's Bar”, “The Garden”, etc.

You can browse through the tips by using the blue “Arrow” icons at the bottom of the screen.


MainMenu Cheats

Cheats screen.

This is a screen where you can enter cheat codes. Most of those may ease your progress in Aurelia, though it is advised not to use them unless you're really blocked. The game really is not that grindy, except maybe a bit for Fishing⁣ – and even there, it all depends on your own level of tolerance and what you are really looking for when playing the game. Yup, a cheat code interface integrated directly in the game by the developers: how cool is that?

The codes can be typed in using your physical keyboard if you have one, or using the virtual, on-screen keyboard.

Here are the known cheat codes:

  • SLUMDOG – 1,000,000 Gold.
  • PANACEA – 100 of each potion.
  • APOTHECARY – 100 each of certain ingredients.
  • WISEMAN – Instant level 100, max Attribute points.
  • TOTHEBRIM – Unlocks all the achievements.
  • VSZOMBIES – Plants saplings in the Garden.
  • LEWDMAGE – When talking to Ivy, she is naked.
  • FUCKMEUPFAM – Deletes your entire savegame information.
  • DEBUG – Turns the debug mode on.
  • DEBUGOFF – Turns the debug mode… uh… off.
  • DUORESET – Resets Ivy/Scarlet questlines.

Save game[]

MainMenu Save

Save menu, quite bloated.

This screen allows you to save your current game. What a surprise, eh?!

There are 20 save slots. If you want to know more about save game files, please refer to this dedicated paragraph.

Load game[]

MainMenu Load

Load game screen.

This screen allows you to load from a save game. Flabbergasting, yes.

It proposes you to load from one of the 20 save slots and, additionally, you may load the game from the last auto-save.

If you want to know more about save game files, please refer to this dedicated paragraph.

Settings screen[]

MainMenu Settings1

Settings menu, first page.

MainMenu Settings2

Settings menu, second page.

This menu enables you to set various parameters:

  • Adjust the level of the ingame music.
  • Adjust the level of ingame sound effects.
  • Adjust the scale used for some UI elements: mouse cursor, icons at the top of the main screen (time of the day, compass, purse). On a computer, “100%” should be just fine, while on mobile devices, you may want to push this to “200%” or above.
  • Autotext delay: Not sure what this does.
  • You may change the name you gave to the main character. Some achievements are unlocked using this setting.
  • Deactivate/reactivate sound effects during the dialogs.
  • Deactivate/reactivate fullscreen.
  • Activate/deactivate text scroll.
  • Activate/deactivate auto-shoot in the Karos' Defense minigame.


The game current public build is 26.0, released on October 2022. The latest build of the game can be downloaded here, while the latest public build can be downloaded from this page.



  • This page was last checked and deemed complete on 23/11/2022, as of version 26.0.


  1. According to recent rumors, Walnuss has been kidnapped and is kept inside Mirthal's closet, who forces him to draw lewd elves the whole day.